Communication at Work

Communication at Work


  • To enable the participants understand and apply the basics of business communication through experiential learning.
  • To help the participants understand and improve upon their internal and external customer orientation.

No. Of Participants:

  • Min. 20 - Max. 25

Content of the workshop

  • Understanding Communication as a Concept
  • Principles of communication
  • Identify the purpose of each communication
  • Overcoming barriers in communication
  • Some common communication problems

Understanding Verbal communication at work

  • Understanding the role of sender and receiver
  • How to align yourself with your co-workers
  • The mind-set of a great communicator
  • Telephone etiquettes
  • Understanding Presentation as a technique

Understanding Nonverbal communication at work

  • Body language, posture, gesture, and business etiquette Listening
  • Importance of listening in communication
  • Understanding the concept of active empathic listening


Improving Written communication

  • Learning about writing skills
  • Writing E-mails and learning E-mail etiquette
  • Write business documents that are clear, concise and objective-oriented
  • Customizing the message for different types of customer (internal & External) to achieve greater results

Methodology used:

  • Interactive Workshop
  • Use of multimedia projector and flip charts
  • Group exercises, role plays and interactive games


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