3D Model of Happiness

3D Model of Happiness

The three main categories of happiness according to the Happiness model include Individual, Family / Social, and Organizational.
Individual factors include career of the employees, job profile, fun activities, etc.
Family / Social factors include family support, recognition, social status, etc.
Organizational factors include work environment, ambience of workplace, boss and colleagues, policies and systems, etc.


  • An inventory of 160+ questions.
  • Takes up to 45 minutes to fill in.
  • Can be administered in groups.
  • Identifies factors for an employee being ‘happy ‘and ‘unhappy’ at work.
  • A diagnostic tool and a starting point for most OD / HR interventions.
  • Developed through research.
  • Cronbach’s Alpha of 0.88 – 0.94

Though a happy employee may not necessarily be a productive one, there is a striking correlation between what makes employees happy and their productivity. Thus, staffs that enjoy good working relationships, receive proactive career development, feel valued by the organization and well treated in times of change are likely to be contributing the most to a business. Furthermore, they will be ambassadors for the organization, sending out positive messages to the outside community and enhancing the employer brand.

Even in the event of redundancy, those leaving an organization can leave happier if they are given appropriate support to find a new role, and this in turn sends a message, which raises the spirits of colleagues who remain with that organization. Thus ‘Happiness Quotient’ can help make recruitment & retention easier and hence more cost effective. This ultimate link to the bottom line is why ‘happy staff’ is so important to organizations.

It is interesting to note that for employees, personal financial gain comes way down the list of happiness indicators.

If businesses probe a little more deeply about what employees really want and what will make them happy, they could reap the rewards.
‘Happy’ employees will not only improve the working environment but could also increase revenue.