Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping

What is a competency?

An underlying characteristic of an individual which is causally related to criterion related effective or superior performance

Competencies can be motives, traits, self-concept, attitudes or values, content knowledge or cognitive or behavioral skills -any individual characteristic that can be measured reliably and that can be shown to differentiate significantly between superior and average performers

Motive: Underlying need or thought pattern that drives, directs and selects an individual’s behaviour. Eg need for achievement

Trait: A general disposition to behaviour responds in a certain way, for instance with self-confidence, self-control, stress resistance

Self-concept: What they think they value, what they think they do or interested in doing.

Knowledge: Content knowledge

Cognitive or behavioural skills: Either covert or overt


Using Job Analysis and Behavioural Events Interview for Competency Mapping:

This encompasses the following parameters/stages.

A. Job Analysis
This would be the first step wherein a questionnaire would be administered to the candidate at the time of a job analysis interview.

From the filled in questionnaire we would arrive at a detailed job description as well as job specification, (Human traits required to carry out the job) for the post.

B. Behavioural Event Interview
This methodology is used to identify competencies in a person. It includes sitting through with the candidate in an interview situation carrying out a behavioural interview followed by recording of responses and identification of behavioural codes.

These codes will in turn help us in identifying the competencies in a person and arriving at a form of relative ranking for each competency. 

Note: If there is a competency model existing with the organization, the definition of respective competency will be incorporated accordingly.

C. Thomas PPA Reports
Out of the 18 possible reports we recommend the following reports that would be generated for each person.

  1. Personal Profile Analysis report
  2. Strength and limitation report
  3. Training needs analysis report
  4. How to manage report

The process would involve administrating the PPA+ questionnaire of Thomas International and preparing the above referred reports.

Note: A Structured Interview Plan and Evaluation Scale can also be developed for each post over and above Job Description and Job Specification.


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