Team Skills & Accountability

Team Skills & Accountability


  • To analyze a situation or a problem from different angles
  • pen up and develop a rapport plus feeling of trust with their team members/ seniors.
  • Be able to do multiple task and priorities the work on hand. If needed be able to juggle the work on hand.
  • Accept a level of accountability and be open to change.
  • Participants should be able to empower their team members and delegate work effectively while positively motivating them


No. Of Participants:

  • Min. 20 - Max. 25

Content of the workshop:

  • A Gestalt Therapy – Language Exercise
  • In basket Exercise
  • Responsibility
  • Problem solving + positive motivation & team building exercise

Methodology used:

  • Interactive Workshop
  • Use of multimedia projector and flip charts
  • Group exercises, role plays and interactive games


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