Happy employees give better profits
Apr 26 2016 Books   

Q:- Your book "Are you Happy @ work?” is creating a 'happiness wave' in corporate sector. How do you propose to add value ?
The '3D model of happiness'  and  "Happiness Inventory", showcased in the book is a starting point for every HR intervention. I use it for employee engagement & cultivating a 'happy work culture' leading to increase in employee productivity & profitability of the company. 

Q:- Can 'happy employees' & 'happy work culture' actually mean higher profits?
"Yes, thats true. All you need is a step by step initiative that is patiently implemented as an OD / OC effort using a top down approach with support from HR and top management.Happy Employee = Higher productivity = Higher Profitability - its that simple " says Dr. Yogesh Pahuja.

 - As quoted in the media reports.

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Dr.Yogesh-Pahuja Dr. Yogesh Pahuja is a passionate Trainer backed with over twenty years of experience, several research and newspaper articles, PG from SCMHRD & XLRI and a perfect blend of corporate, academics, and research. Practising as an OD facilitator and Corporate Trainer, he has travelled across several countries & his clients include several MNC and Indian Companies.