About Happiness Studio

Prime Objective:
To spread happiness at an individual, social/family & organizational level with 'Sensitivity' and 'Value' based approach.

Our Credo:
Be sensitive and respectful towards all human beings.
Be the witness of your thoughts & aware of your actions.
Be a humble servant of the PRIME OBJECTIVE and serve only for "Happiness".
Be patient & sensitive while listening, understanding & serving.
Be honest, maintain transparency & integrity as you build relationships and spread happiness.

The Human Matrix

"The Human Matrix" is an unfulfilled dream that has now taken shape. Read More

Happiness Studio

Happiness Studio is an initiative by The Human Matrix with a mission to spread Happiness. Read More

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Why Choose Us

  • Our Guiding Philosophy:
    “A well guarded thought from within is the bearer of True Happiness”

    The Concept:

    The Logo is representation 3 x 3 Matrix which signifies the personal space and Nine Chakras of Life for an Individual.

    We at The Human Matrix firmly believe that if this personal space with a firm base is provided to an individual, it will enable him to awaken & fire up the nine chakras (Life Force – Prana) leading him to a path of growth & fight towards Individual, Social and Professional success.

    Our Approach:

    Human potential is unlimited in scope and each individual is a bundle of infinite potential. The only limitation is our belief in whether or not we can accomplish a thing, whatever it might be. We achieve more when we start achieving from within. All we need is to cross the threshold and initiate ourselves as new, positive, progressive human beings thereby opening the doors to the wide world of our capabilities. ‘The Human Matrix’ is an initiative to unlock this human potential and facilitate each individual to track the path of personal growth and professional success.

  • Our Begining for Spreading Happiness...


    Bird of Paradise flower symbolizes joyfulness and magnificence. It indicates start of something wonderful and auspicious.



    Our Logo has evolved from the Bird of Paradise flower. It symbolises the beginning and a never ending effort to spread Happiness. The Colours chosen in the logo reflect the country of origin as they are symbolic of our national flag tri colour. The Bird of Paradise flower is shown in its blossoms state, a state of freshness signifying fresh creative thinking, Happiness in approach and joyfulness in its state of being without compromising on its dignity. This is exactly the work philosophy that we follow at the happiness studio with the basic approach that anyone be it a student, parent, a client or a visitor who walks in, parts with a smile and a feeling of happiness and gratitude. This objective inspired us to create our happiness badge. 




    This badge has to be earned and it is awarded to each person who commits to choose happiness and spread happiness. By awarding this badge we believe that we transfer the ownership onto the person to make a choice of being happy, and positively contribute to spread happiness.


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Clients Speak

Yogesh was a hard to get Faculty at NIS Academy Ahmedabad. One of the finest HR faculty and trainer, who thinks about the student, for me Yogesh can be considered for any training and development activity. Ajay K Shad : Director at Value Education. View All
I have known Yogesh for the last 14 years now, as a colleague and as a friend. As an individual Yogesh is very methodical and organised about anything he engages in; He has that rare ability to stay calm and composed under stressful situations. No matter what the situation is- Yogesh always handles it in an easygoing yet decisive manner. Manish Kane : Owner, Pathfinder Education Services Pvt. Ltd View All
Got associated with Yogesh in ERA (Executive Recruiters Association). I have found Yogesh to be confident, jolly, meticulous - having an eye for details, taking initiatives, having in depth knowledge of HR practises & assessment tools. When he is taking training sessions, over and above being articulate, clear & crisp about contents, he gets the involvement & undivided attention of the participants. Chetan Parikh : Managing Director at Dhruv Corporate (HR) Solutions Pvt. Ltd. View All
Yogesh is a rare blend of calm and quiet with an excellent ability to organise diverse set of people and align them towards a goal. A genuinely warm person, who goes the extra mile to make other people succeed. Sundara Rajan : Director - Market Search India and Thomas Assessments India View All
Yogesh sir is a fantastic trainer with an ability to bring out the potential within an individual. As a student at SCMLD, I have undergone training twice under him. I have experienced the art with which he can build a common goal into a team & motivate them work towards it. He can easily develop a sense of responsibility & ownership amongst his audience. Hope to get a chance to be associated with & learn lots from him again. Anagha Yeri : Senior Consultant at Circular Angle View All
Yogesh is a seasoned HR professional and rich in knowledge. There were many take a ways from him during our interactions. The best thing I experienced with him is his humility. Srinivas Vedula : Total Rewards Director at CA Technologies View All
Yogesh's sessions was extremely interesting and informative. Nakul Raheja : Joint Secretary, Rotaract Club of Nirma Institutes View All
We convey our Sincere thanks to Dr.Yogesh Pahuja for the invaluable contribution made by means of the expert talk and activities conducted at the 'Faculty Orientation Programme'. Dr. K. K. Kotecha : Director ADR Cell, Nirma University View All
Dr. Yogesh brings innovative approach with his opulent experience. In his both the sessions the room was a hive of activity as we bees worked furiously collecting the nectar of his information. The quality of training was also very visible and much appreciated by the attendants. The feedback we have received is the best we have seen for a very long time. We would say the entire program was ice-cream sundae, with all the marvellous coverings and "Mahi Art" was cherry on top. Karnisingh Shekhawat : Head- Process & Performance Excellence -Maahi Milk Producer Company View All
I've known Dr Yogesh since he was the Academics Director at Sadhna Institute, Pune. He worked on total human development factors then and now has of course worked on the concept of creating Happiness at all times. His Happiness Inventory is definitely a masterpiece which provides an overall assessment of an individual at professional and personal levels, which helps the individual developing himself as a happier human being. His OD workshops for all kinds of industries and institutions are insightful, though provoking and guides to work on both organisational shortfalls as well as strengthen its human factor to bring in happy employees. Wishing him more success and to bring in happier times!! Sujay Ojha : Founder & CEO - KC Associates- Agribusiness & Food Chain Specialist View All
Just want to say “THANK YOU” for all your efforts in bringing my team together and help and them emerge as happy / confident & true to heart individuals. I really lack words to express my feelings now but i’m sure u can feel my heart. Thank you & god bless you. Keep bringing smile & happiness to many!!! Gaurav J. Devdas : GM-MARKETING View All