Occupational Counselling

Occupational Counselling

What is Occupational Conselling?

  • Counselling is a function of counselee’s experience, training, knowledge etc.
  • Human relationship in which one has the intent of promoting growth, development, maturity, improved functioning and improved ability to cope with the life (demands) of the other.
  • Helping the counselee to develop the ability to utilize the latent inner resources for better functional use. 
  • That helps the other understand his problems, accept that he has a problem and decides what needs to be done to overcome those problems…without infringing upon the other’s freedom (to develop autonomy and freedom).
  • Occupational Counselling is a managerial tool to help employees face or confront their problems, solve those problems or find ways of coping with them. 
  • An Encounter - I - THOU Relationship - taking place in the private world of the other. It is therefore, entering the LIFE SPACE of the other.


Few Important Functions of Counselling in Occupational Setting

  • Search for options or suggestions or advice
  • Reassurance/ support
  • Communication/ positive interaction/ empathy
  • Release of emotions/ tension/ stress
  • Clarified thinking/ valuing / judging
  • Reorientation / Change if needed


'The Human Matrix' focusses on the individual in the occupational settings and facilitates professionals in their work place to face or confront their problems and improve upon their effectiveness thereby contributing to the overall rise in productivity of the organisation.


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