Appreciation for Diversity

Appreciation for Diversity



  • This half-day workshop is designed to focus on issues of diversity, cultural background and gender differences.
  • It uses an exercise “Four Corners” where the participants are required to engage in dialogue around a set of intentionally ambiguous statements on issues such as diversity, gender differences, cultural backgrounds etc.
  • The statements are designed to be open for interpretation in a way that effectively divides the group by different perspectives and are intended to provoke critical thinking and sharing. By doing so, participants have the chance to reflect on and articulate their own viewpoints.
  • This facilitated experience provides a structure for participants to learn, through dialogue, about viewpoints that may differ from their own. This activity fosters communication, listening, and an appreciation for diversity.


No. of Participants: 

  • Min. 18 - Max. 20


Content of the workshop:

  • What is diversity?
  • What do we mean by diversity in the thought process?
  • Appreciating diversity.
  • Use of four corner exercise

Methodology used:

  • Interactive Workshop
  • Use of multimedia projector and flip charts
  • Group exercises, sharing and discussions


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