Preparation of Aptitude Test

Preparation of Aptitude Test

An individual’s ability to learn or to develop proficiency in the defined area is provided with appropriate education or training. Aptitude tests include tests of general academic (scholastic) ability; tests of special abilities (i.e. verbal, numerical, reasoning); tests that assess “readiness” for learning; and tests that measure ability and previous learning that are used to predict future performance of the employee.

Aptitude tests are designed in such a manner that they can measure an individual’s collective knowledge which is often used to predict learning potential. These tests are characterised by structured systematic ways of evaluating how people perform on tasks or react to different situations. They have standardised methods of administration and scoring with the results quantified and compared with how others have done at the same tests.

Aptitude Tests are usually a part of the overall assessment procedure. Employers use the same alongside interviews, application forms, academic results and other selection methods for the various purposes such as promotion etc.

'The Human Matrix' designs customised, standardised and validated aptitude tests relevant for the target audience of the client with inputs from the industry experts and senior academicians.


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