Meet Dr. ChooHa

Meet Dr. ChooHa

Meet the Mascot of Happiness Studio


Dr. ChooHa is an iconic representation of a messenger of happiness. The name is coined from two words ‘Choose Happiness’. A messenger who offers you a choice, a choice to make your life joyful and happy. Dr. ChooHa believes that being happy is a matter of choice. If we choose to be happy, we will be happy and by choosing happiness we take the ownership individually to remain happy and spread happiness around us.

As a Mascot of ‘Happiness Studio’, Dr. ChooHa adorns several avatar, some of which you will discover in the book “Are you happy @ work?” and on our web site from time to time.

Dr. ChooHA does not discriminate with color; caste, religion, gender, age or any other form. Dr. ChooHa is merely a symbolic human icon with one distinct characteristic and that is a smile - A smile that rubs off on you. This signature pose tells you to ‘Keep Smiling’ and ‘Be happy’.