About Us

About Us

The Human Matrix

"The Human Matrix" is an unfulfilled dream that has now taken shape. The ideology with which we have grown over the years professionally i.e 'Every individual is a bundle of infinite potential' has brought us today to a stage where we facilitate to convert your aspirations into possibilities and thereby 'Unlock' your human potential.

The journey of reaching to "The Human Matrix" has been a long one with several milestones. One such milestone was being awarded an exclusive contract from Reserve Bank Of India to carry out 'Customer Satisfaction Survey' in 2006 which was completed successfully and our recommendations are currently being implemented at the Department of Government and Banking Accounts. Other landmarks crossed have included successful workshops at several corporates across the country on Presentation skills, communicating for Business, counselling for effective team management, how to stay positive in a tough work environment and many more.

Our Milestones:

Timeline Milestone
2007 The Human Matrix is established as an exclusive Training and HR consulting firm catering to HR requirements and OD needs of the corporate sector as well as contributing to skill development of individuals along with research and educational services. Founder: Dr.YogeshPahuja
  • Soft skills Training for Corporates
  • Assessment Centres carried out
  • Research on“happiness at work place” (5 years)
  • Happiness Inventory developed
  • OD interventions, Psychometric testing (Thomas Profiling) added
  • Competency Mapping, Performance Appraisal, HR policy planning, Campus recruitment for students added to the basket
  • Major Clients like FedEx, RBI, Bridge Stone, Rasna, Intas Pharmaceuticals, Cama hotel etc…
2014- till date
  • Happiness Studio established
  • Training and Development book published
  • Are you happy @ work?” book published
  • Several Media reports and interviews published on 3D model of Happiness and 4D model to build happy teams
  • Individual and Personal Counselling services
  • Happiness Audit and Building happy teams carried out in several organizations
  • Consulting Partner and Academic advisor
  • Happiness Inventory based intervention and Counselling
  • Behavioural Training
  • Solving behavioural and team issues
  • Setting up Happy Work Culture and HR Orientation
  • OD Interventions
  • Industry and Academic connect established