Stay Positive & Tough @ Work

Stay Positive & Tough @ Work


  • To help the participants understand that it is possible to stay positive in the toughest of situations and initiate their approach to being positive in their day to day work.


No. of participant

  • Min. 20 – max 25

Suitable for:

  • Participants with 3-4 years’ work experience who are finding it difficult to cope with day to day work pressure and tend to break down easily. We may include assistants, secretaries, sales staff, officer cadre, admin staff and similar grade of employees.


Contents of the workshop

  • Understanding the environment
  • What are “Bullets”? And how to dodge them.
  • Choosing the right luggage. Decide what you carry.
  • How to put on the “Armour" and guard yourself from the “Bullets”
  • Taking control and working on your thinking.
  • The power of “Self Talk”
  • The steps towards the New You.
  • Making positive contributions and a new beginning.


  • An interactive workshop, with the help of various training aids like multimedia projector and flip charts. 
  • Also individual and group activities like discussions etc. will be included.


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