Communicating for Business

Communicating for Business


  • To familiarize and introduce to the participants the formal and accepted way of communication for business.

No. of Participant

  • Min. 20 - Max 25


Suitable For

  • Staff with 3 to 5 years’ experience. Front line staff to assistant manager level.
  • We can include receptionists, customer care, stenos, secretary, sales staff or any position where formal communication is required.


Contents of the Workshop

  • Introduction to communication: understanding essentials required for effective communication. 
  • Media of communication: choosing the right medium viz oral, written or visual. 
  • Organizational communication: communicating better within your organization for effective performance. 
  • Barriers to communication: understanding various barriers and overcoming them. 
  • Listening skills: Listening is a vital skill. Be an effective listener. 
  • Non-verbal communication: understanding the vital role of body language.


  • Use multimedia + projector 
  • Quiz and prizes 
  • Games


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